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        Company Vision

        Domestic lithium carbonate production benchmark demonstration base and domestic first-class intelligent motor integration service provider

        Company Mission

        Drive the growth of the industry, help the national industry!

        Core Values

        • Hard work

          Keeping in mind the development history of the old generation of Jiangte who struggled hard, deeply understand the complexity and hardship of the future development environment, in the new era of better living and working environment, our inner world should still maintain the style of hard work, diligence and simplicity, and build roads in every mountain ,build bridges in every river with the indomitable spirit.

        • Crafting heritage

          Craftsmanship is the root of the artisan spirit, which is the adherence to the original heart and the rejection of impetuousness. JT Group, starting from building the first motor by hand, has been working deeply and focusing on the industry for sixty years, taking results as the guide, striving for excellence and continuous improvement, and precipitating craftsmanship as the cultural gene of the enterprise.

        • Hand in hand

          Through value co-creation and result sharing, we create a harmonious society in all aspects, so that the business we work for is no longer the enterprise's own stage, we need to walk with customers, work with employees, win-win with partners, live together with the ecological environment, and need to work together with all stakeholders.

        Company Spirit

        • Integrity

          Integrity in the heart

          Integrity, honesty and trustworthiness

          Loyalty to the enterprise,responsibility

        • Conform

          In accordance with the trend

          To uphold science and keep pace with the times

          Follow the trend and dare to innovate

        • Diligence

          Diligent in learning

          Not arrogant, not impatient, persevering

          Excellence and discipline

        • Joy

          Positive action

          Active communication, quick action

          Optimistic and open-minded, good at sharing